Last week, a Colorado TV station reported that a publication called the Social Justice Collective Weekly was disseminated at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Authored pseudonymously, the article made the argument that four-year college universities should be closed to military veterans because of the hostility those veterans typically have for the social justice cause and its typical ornaments.

“We must ban veterans from four-year universities,” wrote the Colorado SJWs. “Veterans are usually associated with extremist right-wing groups such as the tea party and the NRA.”

Not the tea party! Not the National Rifle Association! My word!

The essay went on to criticize vets for “opening mocking the ideas of diversity and safe spaces for vulnerable members of society.”

Um, news flash, snowflakes: Once you get outside your comfy little liberal bubble on campus, you’re going to find that almost EVERYONE is mocking your little safe spaces, whether or not they’ve served in the military. Sorry to tell you.

The author also said that the presence of military veterans on campus was intimidating to vulnerable students, what with their “insensitive jokes” and their limited patience for the permanently hurt fee-fees of sheltered kids who think the rest of society should adjust to make room for their entitled egos.

News of the essay drew so much outrage that UCCS Chancellor Venkat Reddy was compelled to issue a press release denouncing the publication. Insisting that military vets were “positive and valued members of our academic and campus community,” Reddy said that they brought “experience and viewpoints that enrich our discussions.” Though it hardly needed to be said, Chancellor Reddy assured everyone interested that military veterans would not be banned from attending school at the University of Colorado.

Responding to the publication, the NRA posted a blog saying it was just the latest example of liberal tantrum-throwing on the issue of conservatives, ideological diversity, and guns.

“Although it’s tempting simply to dismiss the publication as satire or the work of extremely immature and underexposed students encountering more worldly peers for the first time, it is largely consistent with the climate on many college campuses toward firearms and those who use them,” they wrote. “We’ve recently reported on a campus-wide lockdown caused by an art student with a glue gun, a lawsuit by college professors claiming the Second Amendment itself requires universities to BAN law-abiding students from possessing firearms on campus, and a geography professor who taught class in protective combat gear because he fears students who lawfully carry concealed handguns on campus.”

The NRA is dead on the money. Your first instinct is to laugh at these absurd ninnies, because their proposals are so extreme and so ridiculous that they invite mockery. Unfortunately, today’s silliness becomes tomorrow’s Democratic Party platform if it isn’t nipped in the bud. Still just as ridiculous, but no longer a laughing matter.