Minnesota Teen’s Fishing Trip Yields Odd Catch

(TotalConservative.com) – A 14-year-old boy from Minnesota reeled in a wallet with $2000 cash inside during a fishing trip in August. The boy also found a business card and used it to track down the owner who had lost the wallet over a year ago while fishing in the same lake.

Connor Halsa, 14, was with his family fishing on Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota seeking walleye, a type of fish native to the lake. After his line snapped tight, he figured he had caught a large fish, but when they reeled in their catch it turned out to be a billfold with two grand in cash.

The family was able to track down the original owner, an Iowa farmer named Jim Denney who had accidentally lost the wallet while fishing in the lake last year. After hearing that his wallet was found, he made the trip up to meet the boy who found it and thanked him personally.

Denney had offered the boy a cash reward, but Halsa turned it down saying that Denney had worked hard for that money and he hadn’t. Denney instead gave Halsa a hand-made custom cooler and took his family out to dinner to say thank you.

Denney said that he would “take Connor as a grandson” and “fight for him any day.” Connor said he learned a lot about himself from the experience as well as about doing what’s right.

The story is reminiscent of another curious catch. A mayor fishing in Florida pulled $1.1 million worth of cocaine out of the ocean during a fishing expedition in early August. Tampa Mayor Jane Castor was boating off the Florida Keys with relatives and friends when they saw a large black object floating in the water. They contacted police after removing it from the water and realizing there was lots of white powder inside. Authorities revealed that there were 25 bricks of cocaine packed inside. The street value of that much coke is roughly $1.1 million.

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