It should be obvious to anyone with the slightest bit of common sense that the shootings in San Bernardino constituted an act of Islamic terrorism. This was mass murder inspired by the same twisted ideology that inspired the deadly Paris attacks, the Boston bombings, and the 9/11 hijackings.

So when a group of presidential candidates spoke to the Republican Jewish Coalition the day after 14 people were killed in California, you might expect the news media to focus on what they had to say about it. What their plans are for defeating ISIS and Islamic terrorism in general. Of all the issues facing this country, this is the one that is paramount to all others. It doesn’t much matter what the economy is doing if we’re constantly looking over our shoulders for the next Islamic whackadoo.

So what did the media focus on instead? The way Ben Carson pronounces Hamas and Donald Trump’s off-color jokes about Jewish stereotypes.

The coverage of Carson has been particularly vicious and hypocritical. Pundits (including so-called “unbiased” reporters) were sounding the death knell after his speech. Citing repeated criticisms (made by them) of his foreign policy knowledge, they acted as though his speech proved that he was not ready to be commander-in-chief at a time when national security was vitally important. Apparently, if you say “Hamas” in a certain way, it means you’re not qualified to be president. Funny how there are multiple ways of saying and spelling Iraq, Iran, ISIS, and Osama bin Laden, but there is only one correct way of saying Hamas.

Is the media really upset about Carson’s ignorance, or do they just demand more respect for their favorite Palestinian terror group?

With Trump, it’s even sillier. Because he mentioned money a couple of times and said the room was full of negotiators (a line that got a laugh from the Jewish audience, by the way), he’s apparently an anti-Semite. How are thousands of supposedly intelligent journalists surprised every time Trump says something politically incorrect? Do these people gasp every time John Grisham writes a new book? Oh my god…it’s about a lawyer! Can you believe it?

They also jumped on Trump for his refusal to say whether or not he supported an undivided Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a moment that brought boos from some in the audience. Fair enough; that’s at least somewhat relevant. On the other hand, this is what many people like about Trump. Voters are sick of politicians who get up there with a calculated list of “correct” positions. We need a leader, not someone who takes a poll every time he’s asked his opinion.

Back to the point, though.

Every candidate that took the stage had something to say about the importance of addressing Islamic terrorism. Every candidate knew this was the most important issue of the day. But since the San Bernardino shooting was about “gun control” over in Leftyville, the media chose to ignore that aspect of the conference.

Much like a certain president.