Missing Teen Escapes Kidnappers – A Month After Disappearance!

(TotalConservative.com) – A couple from Texas misled and then kidnapped an 18-year-old woman after the man convinced her to move in with him. The unidentified victim was then chained to a bed and repeatedly assaulted by him and another woman when she attempted to protest and flee the situation. The victim was finally able to escape when the pair left her alone in the house by breaking free of the bonds.

Officers from Harris County, which is in the area outside of Houston, responded to 911 calls from individuals reporting a woman in distress going door to door in an attempt to contact the police on the night of July 16th.

Harris County Constable Mark Herman explained that she mustered all her strength to break free and escape the house when she realized both her kidnappers have left the home. He also reported observing marks on her hands and wrists that were consistent with restraints.

The Texas Department of Public Safety reported over 14,000 rapes in 2021 in the state. That number had increased by 10% over the previous year. The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network reports that approximately 80% of attacks are committed by individuals known to the victim.

The victim was taken to a hospital for recovery and evaluation, and the next day officers arrested Jose Reyes, 31, and Jacqueline Macias, 29, on charges of aggravated kidnapping. Additional charges may still be pending as officers and prosecutors continue to investigate.

In April, 9 men were arrested in Abilene, Texas on various criminal charges including attempts to solicit minors as well as other criminal activities. A 57-year-old pastor was also arrested after he was caught downloading child abuse material at the church where he used to work. David Lloyd Walther sought out, downloaded, and distributed child abuse material. He was arrested last November after investigators found him with two separate hard drives containing over 100,000 images and 5,000 videos of child abuse material.

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