Republican leaders have been admirable in their willingness to stand behind President Donald Trump in his determination to challenge every last aspect of this election. We had a sinking feeling that the moment the cable networks called this thing, we’d have to sit back and watch all the other prominent GOPers suddenly pull a “Donald Who? type of charade as if they don’t owe everything that’s happened over the last four years to this man and his supporters. We’d be headed into Hillary Clinton’s second term right now if it weren’t for Trump, so the least the party can do is support him while he exercises his legal right to challenge these votes.

Of course, the Republicans who are abandoning him and urging him to concede are no surprise: Your Lisa Murkowskis, your Susan Collinses, your Ben Sasses. And, yes, your Mitt Romneys.  

“The people in the past, like myself, who lost elections have gone on in a way that said, ‘Look, I know the eyes of the world are on us. The eyes of our own people are on the institutions that we have. The eyes of history are on us,’” Romney said on NBC this weekend. “In a setting like this, we want to preserve something which is far more important than ourself or even our party — and that is preserve the cause of freedom and democracy here and around the world.”

That’s terrific. Perhaps the best way to do that would be to make sure that every vote cast for Biden was a legal one!

But this is Romney’s usual way. We thought for a while that he just had a hankering for that sweet, sweet cable news adoration, but now we see he might have had other things in mind.

From the Buffalo Chronicle:

Sources are telling The Chronicle that Senator Mitt Romney has been asked by the presumptive President-elect Joe Biden to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. He is currently discussing the nomination with his family and is expected to accept the appointment.

Biden advisors expect that Romney — a former management consultant by training and a former CEO of Bain Capital — will be tasked with making the national healthcare system more affordable without legislation that modifies the Affordable Care Act.

There we go. From Republican nominee to Biden’s health man in just eight short years. That’s what patience and party betrayal will get you. Congratulations, Mitt. You really are willing to do anything to get yourself ahead.