Pregnant supermodel Emily Ratajkowski said this week in a woke essay for Vogue that she’s not going to reveal the gender of her forthcoming child…ever. Indeed, she is going to sit around and wait for the child to turn 18, at which time the kid can finally reveal to the world which gender they’ve “chosen” for themselves.

“When my husband and I tell friends that I’m pregnant, their first question after ‘Congratulations’ is almost always ‘Do you know what you want?’ We like to respond that we won’t know the gender until our child is 18 and that they’ll let us know then,” Ratajkowski wrote.

She went on to inform readers that it’s harmful to force gender preconceptions onto a child before they can decide these matters for themselves.

“I don’t like that we force gender-based preconceptions onto people, let alone babies,” she wrote. “I want to be a parent who allows my child to show themself to me. And yet I realize that while I may hope my child can determine their own place in the world, they will, no matter what, be faced with the undeniable constraints and constructions of gender before they can speak or, hell, even be born.

“I used to call myself superstitious, but now I understand it another way,” she continued. “The idea that I could ‘jinx’ something or the belief that I could project my thoughts in a particular way to bring about a certain result is actually called ‘magical thinking,’ a coping mechanism one develops to make oneself feel more in control.”

Imagine being so lost that you begin to believe that assigning a sex-based gender onto a child is a form of “magical thinking.” But the idea that a male or female can simply choose to live their lives as a member of the opposite sex? That’s perfectly normal and not “magical thinking” at all.

“I used to use magical thinking whenever I wanted something to go a certain way. Now, though, I don’t try to envision a pink or blue blanket in my arms. I’m too humbled to have any false notions of control,” she wrote. “I’m completely and undeniably helpless when it comes to almost everything surrounding my pregnancy: how my body will change, who my child will be. But I’m surprisingly unbothered. Instead of feeling afraid, I feel a new sense of peace. I’m already learning from this person inside my body. I’m full of wonder.”

We can only hope that the ungendered person inside her can continue to teach Ratajkowski as her pregnancy progresses. Maybe by the time the child is born, Emily will have learned so much that she’ll regard woke LGBT leftists with the cynicism that they deserve.

We’re not counting on it, though. Poor kid.