More Questionable Campaign Contributions Revealed in Rep. George Santos’ Financial Reports

( – Controversial Republican Rep. George Santos has remained under constant scrutiny over the last few months and seems to be in the headlines every day. The latest scoop is that more questionable donations on his campaign finance reports have been revealed.

Among the suspicious entries in the reports are tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations listed from family members, yet none of these family members are willing or able to verify the legitimacy of the donations. Mother Jones investigated his 2022 campaign reports and found over $45,000 attributed to his own family members in the New York City borough of Queens.

When some of these people were contacted to verify their donations, they could not. One of his family members, who requested anonymity, said they were “dumbfounded” and did not have that kind of money “to throw around.”

A reporter from Mother Jones also contacted Santos’ sister, Tiffany Devolder Santos, regarding the $5,000 recorded as her campaign contribution, but she would not confirm if she or her relatives made the donations attributed to them.

Just this Tuesday, Santos excused himself from two House committees as they are in the process of conducting investigations into his campaign fundraising, including Santos’ own personal finances. Nothing is adding up and the Congressman can’t seem to explain where he obtained over $700,000 that was loaned to his campaign.

It’s becoming difficult to keep track of all the lies, scandals, and questionable statements made by the New York Rep. and the list keeps growing.

From accusations of conning a homeless veteran out of donation money raised for a dying dog, dressing up as a drag queen in the past, and claiming to have met financier Jeffrey Epstein, to lying about his biographical details, about having Jewish heritage with ancestors who escaped the Nazis, and fabricating his resume, it appears the disgraced Santos will leave behind a legacy of deceit and embarrassment.

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