The NCAA is considering a boycott of Idaho sports because of a new state law that would require students to compete in leagues based on their biological sex, not their self-proclaimed “gender identity.”

The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act is meant not as some form of bigotry against transgender students, of course, but as a way to preserve the very existence of women-only sports. Biology may not prevent a man from throwing on a dress and demanding that others use the word “she” when referring to him, but the fact remains that there are significant biological differences between men and women. Those differences make it absurd and unfair to allow fake girls to compete with actual girls on the athletic field.

Now, more than 300 prominent female athletes have signed a letter to the NCAA, begging them to drop their boycott of Idaho and support the existence of exclusive women-only sports.

“True athletic parity for women demands that women’s sports be protected for biological females,” the athletes said in the letter. “Protecting the integrity of women’s sports has, for decades, played an integral role in remedying past discrimination against women and empowering them to achieve their full athletic potential.”

Signed by cyclist Jennifer Wagner-Assali, swimmer Sandra Bucha-Kerscher, and track runners Madison Kenyon and Mary Kate Marshall – all of whom have lost in competition to men competing under the guise of being “women” – the letter urged the NCAA to resist the temptation to turn away from the pressures of the ACLU and the LGBT activists challenging the Idaho law.

“Fairness for female athletes should not be a political or partisan issue,” they wrote. “We athletes have diverse views on many topics, but stand united on this fact: protecting the integrity of women’s sports is pro-woman, pro-fairness, and consistent with the purpose and promise of Title IX.”

It’s so ridiculous that this is even an issue. Say what you will about Black Lives Matter – and there is plenty to say – at least you can understand why a certain percentage of Americans buy into their propaganda. You can’t watch that George Floyd video without feeling a stir of emotion. You can’t see black protesters crying for justice without feeling a certain amount of sympathy. We don’t agree with their aims and we don’t believe that the hard facts support their conclusions about American life, but we kinda get it.

This, we don’t get at all. How has an enormous percentage of the American public been persuaded overnight that “trans women are women”? How can the same people who mocked and ridiculed Rachel Dolezal only a few short years ago look at someone like Caitlyn Jenner and see anything other than crisis-level mental illness? How can anyone be so brainwashed by woke politics that they actually think biological men should be allowed to compete against girls in track, wrestling, weightlifting, and the rest of sport?

We keep thinking that the transgender backlash is coming, but something is happening in this country – in all of Western civilization, for that matter – that is larger and more insidious than we could have dreamed a few years ago. We’re grimly afraid that by the time it runs its course, dudes taking home girls’ trophies will be the last of our concerns.