Mother Goes On National Television To Celebrate Trans Child

( – Parents from North Carolina went on “CBS Sunday Morning” to defend the controversial practice of gender-bending their young son into a “daughter.” The nine-year-old boy who goes by “Ava” and uses female pronouns and dress received a glowing introduction from Susan Spencer, who interviewed the family for the piece.

Priming the audience with the suggestion that Ava is “an exuberant, happy” child, she seemed to want to draw attention away from the fact that he is a boy who presents as a girl with the approval of his parents. His mother suggested that because Ava “gravitated towards girly toys” and claimed that since he wanted to be a girl as a small child he must be transgender.

Claiming he would be “in tears” begging to wear a dress, the parents suggested they didn’t want to “bully” their child with the reality that he is in fact a boy and that fact can’t be altered by dress or medicalization.

After giving a glowing reception to the family transitioning their young son, Spencer briefly interviewed the president of the American Principles Project, Terry Schilling, who opposes gender-bending minors. He wants to outlaw the practice of medicalized gender-bending, so-called “gender-affirming care” for children as they “don’t know what they’re going to be” as they grow and develop into young adults.

Spencer inquired why the state should get involved in parenting decisions. Schilling reminded her that the state currently makes a plethora of regulations around behaviors like smoking, tattoos, and drinking: adult activities that can have permanent consequences, just like hormone treatments, puberty-blocking drugs, and cosmetic surgeries.

Schilling shared a graphic on Twitter, demonstrating that transgender mania has harmed the mental health of kids across the board. While proponents consistently claim these children are at risk of suicide, depression, and anxiety without medicalized treatment, there has yet to be any long-term study that conclusively demonstrates the benefits are worth the risks. The existence of many adults who have detransitioned or come to regret transitioning suggests caution is advised when it comes to very young children.

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