Judge Moves to Honor Aretha Franklin’s Handwritten Will

(TotalConservative.com) – The late Aretha Franklin’s sons were just awarded ownership of real estate from their deceased mother after a judge ruled that a handwritten will by the singer is authentic.

Four months before the decision, a jury in the Detroit area decided that the handwritten document dated 2014, which was discovered between couch cushions, was a valid will according to Michigan state law. The will, which contains some scribbles as well as a few illegible passages, was signed by Franklin, who also drew a smiley face inside of the letter “A” of her first name.

The updated will overrides another handwritten will that Franklin composed in 2010 and which was discovered in her Detroit residence in 2019, according to the judge. That property, valued around $1.1 million back in 2018 and worth more now, was described by a lawyer last July as the “crown jewel” of the Franklin estate. It will be awarded to Franklin’s son Kecalf Franklin.

One of her other sons, Ted White II, was favored in the 2010 will and received one of her other Detroit homes, but the singer’s estate sold it for $300,000 before the 2014 will was discovered. According to Kecalf’s attorney, White is now “requesting the sale proceeds.”

Based on the 2014 will, another property was awarded by Judge Jennifer Callaghan to Edward Franklin, another son of the legendary singer. Upon her death, Franklin owned four residences. A dispute quickly erupted between her sons after the two different handwritten wills were discovered months after the singer’s death. Her children argued over what Franklin intended to do with her assets.

One of the homes, now worth over $1 million, will most likely be sold and split between the four sons as the judge said the 2014 document wasn’t clear about who should be awarded that particular house. There also remains an open dispute about how Franklin’s music assets should be distributed. The judge said the updated will indicates the sons would have to share the revenue.

The late Franklin was world-renowned for her 1960s hits such as “Respect” and “I Say a Little Prayer.” She died in 2018 of pancreatic cancer.

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