In a stunning segment on Wednesday, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle told us about an effort in Alabama to make sure that those who destroy property and create violent havoc – rioters, in other words – face stiff penalties under the law. Naturally, the good folks at MSNBC are not in favor of any law that would punish “largely peaceful protesters” for burning down buildings, throwing bottles at police, or generally doing whatever the hell they want in the name of racial justice.

“Later today, an Alabama lawmaker will introduce a bill to punish protesters that are deemed rioters, with very harsh penalties, like being barred from public office,” Ruhle said. “It is one of many anti-protest bills we are seeing after last year’s racial justice movement. Supporters say it will prevent violence, but civil rights groups say it could chill free speech and target people of color.”

Ruhle then threw it to reporter Chris Jansing, who told viewers exactly how they should feel about Alabama’s new bill.

“Take a look at the provisions in this bill, including, if you get arrested during a protest, you can be held for 24 hours without bail,” Jansing said. “And if you block an interstate, it will be considered a felony. Opponents say that there is a consistent miscasting of protesters as agitators. All across the country though this is happening. Spoke to folks at the ACLU and at they tell me that there are at least 60 bills, they’ve never seen anything like it, 60 similar bills in at least 26 different states, that they are tracking them very closely. They call them un-American, unconstitutional, and unnecessary.”

It is mind-boggling to watch these networks go from condemning the Capitol riot in January to defending the violent riots we’ve seen across the nation over the past year…sometimes in the very same segment! They never quite cross the line of saying, “Hey, if black people do it, it shouldn’t be a crime,” but damn, they sometimes get extremely close.

Ruhle brought on left-wing activist Brittany Packnett Cunningham to explain how laws like this will bring harm to communities of color.

“What we have to remember is that 93% of the protests from this past summer were deemed peaceful and without incident, and much of the 7% were actually caused by white supremacists and people who were using the cover of these nonviolent protests in order to cause chaos and damage and have black protesters across the country cast exactly as we are. So what this will mean is a doubling down on the punishment of audacious black people, audacious indigenous people, and folks who stand up for right across the country,” Cunningham said without any evidence whatsoever for any of her claims.

Here’s a clue: If you’re worried that a law aimed at targeting violent rioters is going to “chill” your right to free speech, you are deeply confused about the meaning of free speech.

Which, given the current lunacy we see from BLM, the left, and the Democratic Party these days, sounds just about right.