With all that has come out about Joy Reid’s prior life as a blogger, it’s a miracle that MSNBC has stuck beside her. Internet archives revealed posts from the 1990s and early 2000s where Reid was not shy about going off on illegal immigrants, homosexual football players, and all manner of things that just don’t cut it in the politically correct world the left lives in. Apparently her status as a black liberal female kept her job safe, but it’s not going to make it any easier for her in court. Reid is being sued by a California woman named Roslyn La Liberte, who says the MSNBC host defamed her when she helped spread a viral (and false) claim that she was screaming racial insults at a teenager this summer.

The photo of La Laberte, decked out in a MAGA cap and appearing to be in a contentious conversation with a young, hoodie-wearing 14-year-old, was already making the rounds by the time Reid got a hold of it. But when she posted the picture to her social media account and made false claims about what was happening in the picture.

“Reid used her substantial social media presence, fame, and reputation as a hard-hitting journalist to publish to her many followers that Plaintiff Roslyn La Liberte (‘La Liberte’) screamed abhorrent racial slurs at a fourteen (14) year old boy,” the defamation claim reads. “Reid set out to destroy La Liberte because she disagrees with La Liberte’s MAGA hat and the beliefs Reid ascribes to those wearing that hat conflict with her ideology.”

Among the claims Reid made, without any hard evidence, was that La Liberte referred to the young teenager as a “dirty Mexican.” The boy himself has since come forward to insist that his exchange with La Liberte was perfectly “civil” and that the two actually hugged it out after their conversation.

In the suit, La Liberte said that Reid’s slander has led to her receiving “hundreds if not thousands of hate messages.”

Say, maybe if the fact that Joy Reid was publishing hateful content on her blog a decade or so ago isn’t enough reason to fire her, the fact that she’s defaming people on social media will do the trick. Or maybe MSNBC (which does, after all, continue to employ and promote Brian Williams) has no standards at all when it comes to their on-air talent.

Well, “talent.”