MTG Flip Flops With Attacks On Speaker Johnson

( – Following weeks of threatening to follow through with her plans to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia appeared to pause her efforts after multiple meetings with the Speaker, before suddenly flip-flopping again two days later, calling for a vote on the House floor, and being struck down.

On Monday, May 6, and then again on Tuesday, May 7, Greene met privately with Johnson to discuss various issues and grievances. Despite the signs of an olive branch, Greene did not retract her threats to oust the Speaker, telling reporters that the ball is now in “Johnson’s court.” Two days later, she brought the motion forward and the House rejected her. Greene would not say very much about what was said during the meetings, but she did want to share “one thing” she said in the meeting, which was that she is “done with words.” the congresswoman said for her it is now “all about actions.”

Hours before her remarks, Johnson expressed gratitude for the support of former President Donald Trump, who appears to be mediating the conflict between the Speaker and his biggest critic in the House. Greene has been a longtime supporter of Trump, and Trump himself asked her to back off of Johnson ahead of the election before Greene’s first meeting with Johnson. Others have also criticized Greene for that alone: the timing of her feud with Johnson at a time when unity is needed in the GOP ahead of November.

Trump is calling for that unity. Johnson attended the Republican National Committee (RNC) spring retreat at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida. Trump acknowledged Johnson at the event for his efforts while in the Speaker seat, and called for party unity in order to stop the Biden administration, which the former president called a “Gestapo administration” when criticizing what he believes is the “weaponization” of the justice system against him by political opponents.

On Thursday, May 8, Greene suddenly brought the motion forward to oust Johnson. She read a list of “transgressions” and called Johnson’s leadership as Speaker “pathetic, weak, and unacceptable” while some colleagues booed her. Greene called for a vote on her motion to vacate Johnson, but GOP Majority Leader Steve Scalise stepped in and countered with a call to vote on tabling the issue instead, which passed 359-43.

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