MTG Points Finger at FBI, Accuses Agency of Targeting Catholics

( – Georgian GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene shot some new criticisms at the FBI on News Max and Twitter last Friday, accusing the agency of specifically going after Catholics, conservatives, and Trump supporters rather than pro-abortion extremists.

The congresswoman posted a video of a short clip from her recent appearance on News Max with a caption calling out the FBI for being “more concerned” with targeting conservatives, supporters of former President Donald Trump, and “Catholics attending Latin Mass.”

Regarding Catholics, Greene is referencing FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony on July 12 during a House Committee hearing in which he defended the agency’s raid and arrest of Mark Houck, a father and Catholic sidewalk counselor. Houck was eventually acquitted of all charges of blocking abortion clinic entrances, but many are upset with the agency for how they treated him.

Greene noted how while the FBI specifically targets Catholics and conservatives, they are “not going after Jane’s Revenge,” a “radical group” which attacked pregnancy resource centers. She said “this is who the FBI is,” and that they must “be held accountable.”

The Georgian congresswoman accused the Biden administration of “weaponizing the government” against political opponents, and not just Trump, she says, “but the American people as well.” Greene said we’re living in “a dangerous time,” but assured people watching that many “are working very hard” to hold the Biden administration accountable.

The latest testimony from Wray comes after Greene filed articles of impeachment against him and Attorney General Merrick Garland in May after Wray first defended the FBI’s raid on Houck during an interview on Fox News. Garland later admitted that the leaked memo from the FBI field office in Richmond, which has since been retracted, was “appalling.”

Trump was asked about Wray in a recent interview, and if he regretted nominating him as FBI Director. Trump said he did regret it. He also shifted some blame onto former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Trump claims that Christie recommended Wray to him for the position.

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