Multiple US Military Bases On High Alert

( – U.S. military installations across Europe entered a heightened state of readiness in response to unknown intelligence which suggests there may be an attack on one or more of those facilities.

Corporate press confirmed many bases entered Force Protection Condition “Charlie” over the weekend of June 30. The status is the second-highest level of alert for American military facilities and indicates potential intelligence that an attack may be targeting the facilities in the near term.

U.S. European Command published a statement refusing to discuss specific intelligence or what the reasoning was behind the alert but said that they were always reviewing intelligence data and “a variety of factors” when it comes to making these decisions. The ultimate goal is protecting American military men and women.

An unidentified official not-authorized to speak to the press told corporate outlets that there was “credible intel” suggesting there may be a terror attack targeting American facilities in Europe over the week of July 1. He further added that the intelligence did not suggest the threat was affiliated with the ongoing elections in France.

Further reports in the corporate press indicated that the alert was in response to vague Russian threats regarding Ukrainian use of long-ranged weapons provided by the U.S. to attack Russia. Officials said they have no specific information to suggest a Russian attack on U.S. facilities in Europe were imminent and that the alert change was only a precaution.

An attack on American facilities by Russians would be a major escalation in the conflicts, thus far the Russians have only attacked Ukrainian assets inside Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin had previously suggested that fighter jets launched from bases outside of Ukraine which then attacked Russian assets would then become viable military targets.

Ukraine recently began using U.S.-provided ATACMS missiles to attack the Russians. A recent attempted strike against Sevastopol was lambasted by Moscow as an act of terrorism. The missiles were intercepted, but falling debris still caused injuries, death, and property damage. Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov said there would be “repercussions” for those who provided Ukraine with the technology which would come in time.

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