We haven’t been impressed with Joe Biden for much since he announced his presidential candidacy; he’s mostly struck us as a bumbling fool who is just running because it’s his turn. He doesn’t appear to have a really coherent plan for his presidency, and we’re pretty sure that means he’s just going to become an empty vessel for the far-left to fill as they so choose. If the idea of having Nancy Pelosi in the White House gives you chills, we’re afraid that’s exactly what we’re looking at.

But all that aside, we were pleasantly surprised when the Biden campaign distanced itself from Islamist activist Linda Sarsour and her anti-Israel agenda. That took a degree of backbone we haven’t seen from Biden or his team yet. After Sarsour – a Women’s March founder and virulently anti-Semitic Palestinian activist – spoke at the DNC’s Muslim Allies event on Tuesday, Republican Jewish Coalition director Matt Brooks tweeted: “If Linda Sarsour is the face of the Democrat Party, then the Democrat Party has truly become the party of anti-Semitism and too toxic for American Jews.”

We expected that to be the end of it. Bernie Sanders certainly didn’t disavow anything that Sarsour ever did or said.

So imagine our surprise when Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said, “Joe Biden has been a strong supporter of Israel and a vehement opponent of anti-Semitism his entire life, and he obviously condemns her views and opposes BDS, as does the Democratic platform. She has no role in the Biden campaign whatsoever.”


Well, naturally, this drew fierce criticism from Sarsour’s radical allies, like those in the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

CAIR executive Nihad Awad called on Biden to disavow the…disavowal.

“These attacks are Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian,” he said. “We do not stand for these attempts to repress advocacy for Palestinian rights from the right, and we will not stand for it from the Biden campaign.”

Awad demanded that Biden “pick a side” between the “global and domestic divide between those who believe in freedom and dignity for all – no exceptions – and those who justify oppression and supremacy.”

Sarsour herself tweeted, “My existence is resistance. Unapologetically Palestinian American. Unapologetically Muslim American. Unapologetically from Brooklyn, New York. I wake up like this every day. It’s these identities and my work that has made me one of the best organizers in this country.”


Anyway, we’ll see if Biden sticks to his guns or gives in to the Islamist mob. He has absolutely no reason to give in – Muslims like Sarsour aren’t going to turn around and vote for Trump, after all – but that’s how these things usually go. If Biden stands his ground, we’ll have to give him credit: It’s more than we ever got out of his old boss.