Over the last year, conservatives who understand exactly how and why multiculturalism is destroying the West have been warning countries all over Europe: Take the Islamic invasion seriously now…or repent for a generation. But world leaders in Germany, Italy, Sweden, and France don’t want to hear it. Now the problems have spread to Switzerland.

It is there that two Muslim teens have been granted special permission to opt-out of a rather innocuous social tradition: shaking hands. The Muslims claim that their religion forbids them from touching a female before marriage. Their school, located in Therwil, decided to pander to their beliefs. A spokesperson for the school district said the decision came down to a compromise between religious freedom and gender equality.

To mitigate the controversy, the school insisted that the boys would also be temporarily banned from shaking hands with male teachers.

The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland supported the teens and criticized those who bristled at the situation. “After the sex attacks in Cologne, they asked Muslims to keep their distance from women,” complained the council. “Now they demand they get closer to them.”

Really? Muslims can’t find a middle ground between shaking hands and raping a random woman in the streets? Is there some sort of mental deficiency inside this religion that hasn’t been publicized? Is this a religion comprised of barely-sentient animals? How low does the bar of expectations have to be set before Muslims can rise to the challenge?

But this problem is in no way limited to one small Swiss school. This is what we’re seeing all across Europe. The media harshly condemned Brussels for “ghetto-izing” Muslim immigrants, but that’s what happens when you have people who refuse to assimilate. In fact, it’s exactly the kind of situation liberals want to bring to America. They don’t want our country to be a melting pot – they want it to be a thick stew where every ingredient is separate and equal. If there is cultural compromise to be done, it is up to the host country to change so that immigrants will feel more welcome.

It’s gotten so out of control that we are now expected to treat “nationalism” as a dirty word. It’s now wrong to take pride in your own country. There was an interesting moment last week where someone handed German Chancellor Angela Merkel a small German flag. She shook her head in disgust and tossed it away before anyone could accuse her of something as despicable as patriotism.

That’s an extraordinary example, but it isn’t much different from what we have in President Obama. He claims to love America, but it’s clear that the “America” he’s talking about is not the one that actually exists. It’s the one in his head – a socialist, open-borders paradise that the founding fathers would find unrecognizable. An America that has traded its sovereignty for fantasy.

And at the rate we’re going, that America will be a (sad) reality before too long. No time to mourn Swiss culture; their present is our future.