With December upon us and Donald Trump still at the top of the Republican polls, the political analysts in the liberal media are losing their patience. It’s not funny anymore. They are scared to death. And they’ve decided that it’s time to stop beating around the bush and say what they’ve wanted to say the whole time. Leave it to NBC’s Perry Bacon Jr. to fire the first shots.

Saturday morning, Bacon published his analysis of Trump’s poll numbers and came to the final conclusion: Trump’s supporters are racist.

“Trump supporters are nearly all white,” wrote Bacon, “like the supporters of the other GOP candidates.”

Hmm, we’re not off to a great start. What else ya got?

“Trump’s primary competitors are Carson, who is black, and Cruz and Rubio, who are both Cuban-American,” he wrote. “It would be interesting, if perhaps impossible, to assess if among Trump supporters, the mogul will always be a more credible messenger on immigration issues than two Latino candidates, no matter how often Cruz and Rubio say they oppose illegal immigration.”

Mmm-hmm. It would be impossible to know, but let’s just throw it out there anyway. Yes, this is the liberal media we’ve come to know and despise.

But Bacon isn’t done. He “strengthens” his idea by saying that Trump supporters are more in favor of deporting illegal immigrants, that they tend to think unfavorably of Islam, and they oppose Obama’s plan to bring Syrian refugees into the U.S.

Somehow, all of this adds up to the idea that Trump is only on top of the Republican field because there are a ton of racists on that side of the political aisle. Well done, Mr. Bacon. You came up with a hypothesis, did nothing to prove it, and then concluded that you were right. A better lesson in liberal thought we could not have asked for.

Of course, when you’re just trying to prove something that your readers already believe, you don’t have to try very hard. And this is simply how it is now on the left. If you don’t believe in their policies, you’re a terrible person. Dislike illegal immigration? You’re a racist. Don’t want a welfare state? You hate poor people. Oppose abortion? You’re a misogynist and probably a domestic terror threat.

The goal is to set up an unbreakable tautology. It’s not that Donald Trump and the Republican Party attracts America’s racists and sexists and homophobes and all the rest. It’s that supporting Trump and the GOP automatically makes you all of these things. With that tidy matter taken care of, they don’t have to prove anything to anyone. They don’t have to worry about facts or logic or arguments. They can just say, “Oh, you’re one of those people. Go to hell.” And somehow, this works.

Of course, when you control 90% of the airwaves, it’s fairly easy to brainwash your viewers.