Cable news was filled with hysterical pronouncements in the wake of Wednesday’s disgraceful scene at the U.S. Capitol, but we’re not sure we saw anyone quite as unhinged as NBC’s presidential historian Michael Beschloss. A frequent guest of MSNBC hosts who want to provide a historical perspective on why the Orange Man is Bad, Beschloss never disappoints with ability to wrap absurd, conspiratorial theories up in the cloak of politeness and soft-spoken faux-rationality.

He was at it again on Thursday night when he joined MSNBC host Brian Williams to discuss the Capitol siege and what Americans should fear next from President Donald Trump. He kicked things off by suggesting, without evidence, that Trump and the Capitol Police may have been in cahoots.

“How much was Donald Trump involved in the planning for this terrorist attack today? Was this a conspiracy? Why were his cabinet members so quiet? Why hasn’t anyone resigned? We have no idea. Those questions are hanging in midair,” Beschloss mused.

“9/11, as we both know, was not an inside job,” he later continued, “but here we have these videos of Capitol Police unaccountably letting these protestors, so-called, through the police lines, run into the capitol with guns, with other weapons, with Confederate flags. It’s going to be a long time before we find out what has happened here and the problem is that Donald Trump may be in office for another two weeks and at least I’ll speak for myself, I’m going to have a hard time sleeping at night.”

Not convinced that viewers would be properly shook by those remarks, Beschloss decided to go way off the deep end.

“Donald Trump has boasted about this power in a way we never heard a president of the United States. He would tell crowds, you wouldn’t believe what powers I have under the Constitution. They’re so large, I can’t even talk about it, he said. One of those powers is martial law and maybe, I’m guessing here, maybe one of the reasons that he — that he wanted to have what happened today was that there would be so much chaos that he could then say, I’m declaring martial law and take on more emergency power,” he mused.

“And the most worrisome power the president has is the power over nuclear weapons,” Beschloss continued. “And all I can say is that not a lot is known about the command authority over nuclear weapons […] Trump loyalists have been put in the Pentagon for the last month and a half for reasons unknown, and so, we’re presented with a situation where, for the next two weeks, we hope that Trump will not want to do something terrible and cannot do something terrible, but there are not many grownups around.”

So there you have it. NBC News reports: TRUMP MIGHT NUKE THE WORLD.

The media’s campaign to rebuild America’s trust continues unabated.