They just never stop, do they? No matter how many people are killed, crucified, tortured, drowned, thrown off of buildings, run down by vans, or blown to bits by bombs, liberal pundits will simply NOT STOP making excuses and apologies for Islam. Worse, they seem to believe that the inevitable backlash against the Muslim religion that follows these attacks is the real tragedy. Because apparently it’s worse that a pig’s head be left on the doorstep of a mosque in Alabama than to have dozens of people slaughtered by Islamist psychopaths. Sure, that makes sense.

At the end of his program on Monday, NBC commentator Ali Velshi shared his thoughts on the London attacks, and he reminded viewers that the true victims in all of this – as usual – are the Muslims.

“The London attackers have not just perverted Islam and attempted to impose that perverted interpretation of the faith on others,” he said. “They’ve not just harmed those whom they physically attack, or whom they terrorize – they cast shadows of suspicion, and shame, and sometimes blame on Muslims everywhere.

“When something like this happens, Muslims confront the same shock, horror and outrage as the rest of society,” he continued. “It’s in this climate that so many call upon so-called moderate Muslims to speak out. Most Muslims are moderate and practice a faith that in its very basic tenets looks very much like Christianity or Judaism.”

As they used to say on internet message boards: “Post proof or retract.”

Why trot out these tired old lines again and again? Those who think that Islam itself is the problem will not be convinced by your sad-sack routine. Those who think that Islam has nothing at all to do with Islamic terrorism don’t need you to reaffirm their beliefs. They are unhinged from reality itself. So who is left? Only liberals who like to feel the warm-fuzzies and give themselves a pat on the back for being sooooo much more enlightened and intellectual than those dumb rednecks at the Trump rallies.

Well, those dumb rednecks may not know a Quran from a quail, but they aren’t dumb enough to ignore what’s right in front of their faces, and that makes them a damn sight smarter than people like Ali Velshi. They aren’t so dumb that they would look at the slaughter of seven people and think, “Damn, you know who the REAL victims are? The peaceful Muslims!”

It would certainly be nice if leaders in the Muslim community would take a more proactive stance against jihadist ideologies, but if they can’t bring themselves to do that, they can at least stop whining about Islamophobia. A “phobia” is an irrational fear. This, my friends, ain’t that.