The mainstream media has made it abundantly clear over the last four years that it is willing to take sides with anyone against President Donald Trump. Whether it’s the Iranian government, the terrorists of ISIS (remember “austere religious leader”?), a porn star, or a criminal lawyer (and by criminal, we mean Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti), the media will rush to their side if it means getting another shot in on Trump. We’re pretty sure the Unabomber could come out against Trump, and the Washington Post would give the guy a weekly column.

So it’s not surprising that the media would choose China over Trump in the Great Coronavirus Blame Game. Not only does Beijing have the U.S. media conglomerates over a barrel in terms of their access to the Chinese market, the leftist reporters probably have a greater appreciation for Chinese communism than they do American capitalism in the first place. That parroting Chinese propaganda lets them hit Trump on the pandemic is just a bonus.

Even with that said, NBC’s Bill Neely went way beyond the call of duty on Friday when he used his segment to become a mouthpiece for the CCP.

Asked by MSNBC host Katy Tur to explain why Trump is blaming China for the coronavirus (because this qualifies as a mystery to the know-nothing liberals of MSNBC), Neely used China’s words to battle back the evil Trump.

“The coronavirus really is now the central battleground between the U.S. and China and it’s often at the state media level that you find out what the Chinese are really thinking – a completely different reaction to President Trump’s suggestion of cutting off relations altogether with China,” Neely said. “The Global Times, pretty influential newspaper, saying that this is lunacy, something that’s not been heard from any U.S. president. Saying it’s hardly surprising from a president who suggested injecting disinfectant into COVID-19 patients.”

Neely then explained to viewers that the idea that Trump “suggested injecting disinfectant” is highly misleading, and he expounded on the obvious fact that much of what is printed in the Global Times is pure fiction.

No, of course he didn’t do anything like that. Instead, he said this:

“But the really interesting point that they make in their editorial is about election strategy in the U.S. They are suggesting that panic is beginning to set in, in Washington, that President Trump will not be re-elected in November. And that the strategy now is to blame China for everything.”

In what world is that “really interesting”? Seems to us it’s exactly the kind of low-hanging fruit that a desperate-to-blame-anyone-but-themselves government would reach for in a crisis. Not exactly a “hot take.”

Neely finished up the segment with this joke of an observation: “China has not reported a single death from coronavirus for a month now. And today only reported four new cases in one cluster. So China definitely trying to argue from a position of strength that it has its pandemic under control. That’s what it says.”

We’re sure the check’s in the mail, Bill. Any day now.