New Apple Keyboard Will Stop Censoring Naughty Words

( – Apple announced their next keyboard update will stop autocorrecting your F-bombs into duck or ducking. Their iOS 17 which is due out sometime later this year will finally stop automatically switching users’ expletive F words into variations of duck. The announcement was hailed on social media with enthusiastic cries of “duck yeah.”

Jennifer Hasan was the first to break the story for The Washington Post on Monday, June 5th. The announcement heralds a new expansion of their word-suggestion technology and isn’t a one-off patch simply so folks can type the F word with greater ease. Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi elaborated in a short video.

The keyboard will get a design upgrade, along with some more intuitive suggestions that will learn your style and make more appropriate suggestions based on your sentences and word use. The AI technology behind the keyboard uses a similar approach as ChatGPT, a popular free artificial intelligence technology that combed the web to discover the most common question-answer combinations.

The voice dictation feature will also get an upgrade, allowing the technology to more accurately hear and understand speech patterns, accents, and unique word combinations of individual users over time.

Federighi also announced updates to the Check-In feature which reported users’ locations to parties they’ve assigned to receive an alert. This could let parents know when kids get home from school, for example. When the user isn’t where he’s expected to be, the technology will reach out to them to make sure they’re responsive and okay.

Lockdown mode will also get an upgrade, whereby users to activate the feature will have certain avenues of malware attacks blocked off like joining insecure wifi or older cellular networks.

Federighi stated he was excited about the possibility of AI technology to advance tools and features, but that it poses significant challenges when it comes to deep fakes and spreading misinformation online. Lastly, Apple is upgrading privacy and security technologies to facilitate access for approved parties while blocking malicious bad actors.

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