New Democrat Bill Will Demand Release For Illegals Who ID As LGBTQ

( – Democrats want to release more illegals into the country, and if their newest bill passes they’ll get their way. The Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act gives more rights to illegal aliens than it does to American citizens charged with crimes, legally requiring any “vulnerable person” to be expedited for a hearing in which their release is heavily encouraged.

The bill defines a vulnerable person as anyone who is gay, transgender or doesn’t speak English which anyone can claim to activate the benefits. It outlaws the use of private detention facilities and states government jails must meet minimum criteria as set by the American Bar Association.

Sponsoring Reps. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) claim the current protocol has allowed for the “unjust treatment” of migrants and say their bill with “respect and protect the basic rights” of detainees. The new rules would force the DHS to determine within 48 hours of an arrest whether or not they’ll be held or released on bond. Their release is required unless DHS expects flight or other dangers from the release. Even when held, they’re entitled to a hearing within 72 hours, and “there shall be a presumption that the alien should be released.”

The Democrats want to treat illegal aliens better than folks charged with crimes related to January 6th, many of whom were held without trial for years. The bill also allows folks who claim they’re gay, transgender, or can’t speak English can’t be held at all unless DHS can make a demonstration that it’s not practical for obvious reasons.

Vulnerable people also include anyone under the age of 21, over the age of 60, pregnant, or one of the many shades of the LGBTQ rainbow. With such lax definitions, anyone could claim to be vulnerable simply by saying they’re gay. Other ways to be counted as vulnerable include having severe trauma, surviving torture, and experiencing gender-based violence.

If even they are ultimately held, DHS will have to have a new custody hearing every two months. Democrats argue its need to “restore the dignity” of illegal aliens. As with Democrat-led cities and states, Democrats in Congress seemingly want a lawless open field where criminals aren’t punished, illegal aliens aren’t detained or turned away, and American citizens suffer all the consequences while they enjoy their walled gardens and private country clubs. Are you tired of it yet?

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