Earlier this year, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a pardon for single mother Shaneen Allen, a Pennsylvania woman who was caught with a legal handgun in her car that happened to violate the state’s laws on transporting firearms. Now Jersey resident Steffon Josey-Davis is seeking help from the governor for his own perilous predicament. Josey-Davis was arrested in 2013 after police found a handgun locked in his glove compartment. The gun, legally registered, has the Loomis armed guard facing up to 10 years in prison for violating the Garden State’s absurd laws.

Josey-Davis claims that he locked the gun in the glove compartment when getting ready for work on the morning of his arrest. He did so because his sister joined him in the garage, and he wanted to make sure it wasn’t within her reach. He drove to work, forgetting that the gun was still in the car. For trying to do the right thing. Josey-Davis is now a convicted felon.

“It’s ruined my life basically,” he told Fox and Friends recently. “I went to the NAACP and they refused to help me and they say black lives matter, but obviously they really don’t because I didn’t fit their agenda.”

Josey-Davis is now asking for the governor’s attention, and Christie should make this case a priority. There’s no call for his state to make felons out of citizens ensnared by New Jersey’s confusing, contradictory, and needless gun laws. Christie himself saw reason in Allen’s case, and he needs to do the same now. If he’s still entertaining the notion of running for president in 2016, this would be an excellent opportunity for him to demonstrate some real leadership.

But let’s go back to what Josey-Davis said about the NAACP. Isn’t that interesting that they would refuse to help him? Does anyone doubt anymore that this organization is just another wing of the Democrat Party? They aren’t trying to help the black community in America. They are trying to push through liberal policies that will keep black Americans dependent on the government for another fifty years. Come to them as an upstanding minority who has made something of your life? They don’t have the time.

If Democrats, the NAACP, and other so-called black leaders don’t watch out, the people they are supposedly trying to help are going to wake up to the charade. They are going to realize there’s a big difference between talk and action. They are going to wise up to the fact that liberals have never done a single thing to help advance the black cause. Instead, they have ruined the black community in ways that not even segregation and bald-faced racism could have done.

The case of Josey-Davis is a sad one, and it speaks to much of what is wrong in America today. Between constitutional infringement, race-baiting profiteers, and Republicans who are about as conservative as Karl Marx, this case has it all. A wise resolution would give us a lot of hope about the future.