New Report Shows Classified Doc Charges Helped Trump

( – Every time the establishment attacks Trump, it seems to only help his political ambitions. The Democrat strategy famously backfired in the 2016 election when they positioned Trump to be the Republican candidate (in coordination with the Clinton campaign) with countless millions in free publicity and advertising attacking then-candidate Trump for his boisterous attitude and politically incorrect demeanor.

The latest tack from the Democrats involves leveling as many allegations of illegal wrongdoing as possible. The classified documents scandal has also ensnared Joe Biden due to his improper retention and storage of multiple caches of documents that he took during his time as VP and Senator.

Biden’s Department of Justice has yet to issue any charges against their boss, but they have charged his chief rival, which has only boosted his popularity among Republicans and conservative-leaning voters if recent polls are to be believed.

As many as 20% of Republicans polled said that the charges made them more likely to support Trump, according to an Ipsos poll from last week. Trump was tagged with 37 charges related to mishandling of classified documents, with an additional 34 charges related to him paying off Stormy Daniels for a non-disclosure agreement in New York. 21% of those asked said the New York charges also made them more likely to support Trump. Most people said that their opinion of Trump was uncharged or harmed by the perception of wrongdoing associated with him being charged.

The survey also suggested that most Democrats believe Trump is guilty of the allegations, while Republicans are split. The survey asked 1,002 Americans their opinions, including 441 Democrats, 374 Republicans, and 122 independents. Most of those surveyed want the trials for Trump to occur before the 2024 election.

While a tentative date has been scheduled for August 14th, 2023, in the documents case, it is highly likely that it will be delayed to give both sides more time to prepare. Trump’s New York case related to his payments to Stormy Daniels is tentatively scheduled for March 2024.

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