New “Satanic” Predator Poll Shows What Americans Think About The Government

( – A new poll from Chicago Project On Security & Threats (CPOST) revealed that 10% of Americans believe that a conspiracy of Satanic child predators is pulling the strings at the highest echelons of power, controlling the government and major media. The study intended to analyze the so-called “Dangers to Democracy” and is exclusively released through The Guardian. 

The percentage of respondents who believe there’s a Satanic conspiracy of child predators remained consistent since June 2021, when the number of those who responded affirmatively was 11%. What could be driving this conspiracy theory to be so popular?

The most controversial scandal of the modern age revolved around billionaire child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his once-girlfriend and business partner Ghislaine Maxwell. Independent investigative journalist Whitney Webb has written the book on the subject. Epstein’s association with political and corporate power players and billionaires was well-established, likely contributing to his apparent ‘suicide’ while awaiting trial in 2017. Maxwell was arrested, charged, and convicted and is currently in prison. None of their clients faced serious scrutiny or charges related to the abuse of minors, however.

Sam Brinton was a high-ranking official with the Department of Energy who prefers they/them pronouns. He was arrested and charged with multiple counts of stealing high-value luggage containing ladies’ garments from airports while traveling on official government business. Brinton was particularly public about his fetish for ‘handling pups’ – a euphemism for fetish play in which one or both men dress up and act like large dogs before and during kinky adult escapades.

President Biden appointed Dr. Demetre Daskalakis as head of the Monkey Pox response team. Daskalakis was quickly controversial as his Instagram page showed images of him flexing shirtless, revealing a large pentagram tattoo. Conservative outlets quickly found several controversial images of Daskalakis, leading them to allege Satanism or other occult behavior likely looming in his not-so-private life.

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