With their gun laws, New York City Democrats have long shown disdain for the Second Amendment. But now they are proving equally hostile to the First Amendment, enacting the kinds of hate speech laws many believed we were safe from in the United States. For the first time (that we’re aware of), a city is actually codifying into law the kinds of speech codes we’ve already seen around the country at colleges and universities. The NYC Commission on Human Rights announced Thursday that anyone who, for instance, uses the term “illegal alien with intent to demean, humiliate, or harass a person” can be hit with a staggering $250,000 fine.

Bye, freedom of speech. We loved having you.

“Hate has no place here,” the city tweeted.

Nor liberty.

According to the announcement, there are many ways you can refer to illegal immigrants that can land you in hot water with the powers-that-be.

“Threatening to call ICE when motivated by discrimination, derogatory use of the term ‘illegal alien,’ and discrimination based on limited English proficiency are unlawful discriminatory treatment under the NYC Human Rights Law,” the announcement said.

One can only guess what might be deemed a “discriminatory motive” by New York City liberals.

“Fines of up to $250,000 can be assessed for each act of willful discrimination, and damages are available to complainants,” the city warned. “The NYC Commission on Human Rights defines discrimination on the basis of perceived or actual immigration status and national origin under the New York City Human Rights Law in public accommodation, employment, and housing.”

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. It is now against the law in New York City to ask about a prospective employee’s immigration status? Doesn’t this conflict with federal law? What kind of liberal fiefdom are they running up there, and is California aware that they’re falling behind in their efforts to protect America’s treasured illegal migrants?

“Illegal alien,” of course, is not a racial slur, no matter how much the left wants us to believe that it is. It is an accurate, legally-defined description of people who are in this country illegally. To call a spade a spade is not hate speech. It’s just…speech.

And even if it WAS hate speech, no American city has the right to make it illegal.