Newsom Looks to Roll Out Futuristic City

( – Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom says he’s interested in the development of a futuristic city in the Golden State but that a secretive rollout by investors is sowing doubts.

Newsom commented on the project for the first time on Tuesday, stating that he would meet with a representative of the proposal to learn more about it. In a public forum, Newsom said he is “as curious as everyone else” about the project, which he said “is obviously interesting” in “its scale” and “scope.”

The project is called “California Forever,” and if the governor supports the initiative to get it off the ground, it will be one of the largest single-development projects in the state’s history. Some of the investors are big names in the Silicon Valley tech scene, and 50,000 acres have been acquired, located roughly 50 miles from San Francisco.

The land, which is located in Solano County near Travis Air Force Base, was acquired by the investors (who disguised their identities) for a whopping $800 million. Only a few investors are known, such as Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, and Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Newsom said that the fact that the investors “let so much intrigue and so many questions” mount has fostered a lot of doubt and mistrust. Only vague details have been provided so far about the proposed city. Political leaders in California have criticized the proposal, including the way the investors utilized a holding company to buy up the land holdings quietly, leading to suspicions that a foreign government was trying to acquire land strategically next to the air force base.

California Rep. Mike Thompson is less enthusiastic than Newsom and said that even though there’s clearly “a plan” and “a vision,” the secrecy “causes consternation and concern” from California residents, elected officials, as well as federal agencies. Thompson said he believed such secrecy wasn’t necessary.

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