Last year, leftist snowflakes at Middlebury College managed to shut down a debate between Professor Charles Murray and Allison Stanger due to the former’s controversial book on race and IQ known as “The Bell Curve.”

The book, which may go down as one of the most fundamentally misunderstood pieces of scientific literature in history, has turned Murray into a polarizing figure ever since its publication years ago. In it – and to be more precise, in one small chapter in a larger book about intelligence – Murray points out data that suggests that African-Americans have lower IQ than whites.

On average.

This doesn’t mean, as Murray as noted time and time again, that there are not plenty of individual black people who are smarter than individual white people. One can question whether it means anything at all. It just IS. And the fact that his controversial conclusions have yet to be disproven all these years later means that for whatever else you might want to say about Murray or his book, you cannot say that he was wrong. And isn’t that what science is all about?

Well, of course not. Not to today’s shielded, perpetually offended liberal college students. No, science – along with every other course of study – is about making sure no minority ever has their feelings hurt. So naturally, they could not tolerate Murray’s presence on campus. Someone might have been TRIGGERED!

But wait, because that’s not even what we’re here to talk about. Remember, all that happened a year ago. So why are the fragile leftists at Middlebury upset now? You literally won’t believe it when you hear it.

In a story on the aborted event, the student newspaper – the Middlebury Campus – ran a picture of Murray on the front page. It was accompanied by a note from Ethan Brady, the editor-in-chief.

“I wish to explain the photograph on page A1 to the readers,” Brady wrote. “I recognize that it may be especially jarring, particularly for students of color who feel that Charles Murray’s rhetoric poses a threat to their very humanity. I also recognize that Murray’s visit to campus last March is an open wound for a campus trying desperately to move forward from it.

“During a heated debate in the newsroom on Tuesday night, most of the section editors, and the managing editor, said that running this photograph would be inappropriate,” Brady continued. “Though I deeply respect the input of my editors, I decided to run the photograph anyway. I take full responsibility for this decision. It was mine alone, and any criticism should be directed at me alone.”

Every time we think we’ve seen the worst of today’s college culture, we are surprised anew. We now officially live in an era where it is a major controversy to show students a PICTURE of someone who may disagree with their political views! This is how sensitive and breakable tomorrow’s leaders are.

Folks, we are in some serious trouble.