Despite massive backlash, dwindling ratings, and sluggish ticket sales, the NFL national anthem protests show no sign of abating anytime soon. If President Donald Trump set out to ignite a culture war he couldn’t possibly lose, he couldn’t have written the storyline better himself. These players have fallen right into his trap, and any liberal who takes their side is quickly showing Mr. Middle America what the left has really become in this country. At the rate we’re going right now, it will be decades before Democrats take back power in Washington. Say what you will about the Republicans and their stalled legislative agenda, the average voter can’t stand to see basic principles of patriotism disrespected on a weekly basis.

But just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, the New Orleans Saints go and prove that there are still depths that remain unexplored. They found those depths on Sunday. Instead of kneeling during the national anthem, they chose to make their protest during a moment of silence for a FALLEN POLICE OFFICER. It just doesn’t get any more disgusting than this. The officer in question, Marcus McNeil, was killed by a parolee only a few days earlier during a traffic stop. Anyone with any sense of decency and respect could have found some other moment to make their idiotic protest against police brutality. But not the Saints. They had to do it then.

And if it makes it any worse, McNeil was BLACK! We just don’t understand where these players are coming from. Not at all, not in any way.

Neither did the fans in attendance, who gave their hometown team a rousing chorus of boos and jeers for their show of disrespect.

McNeil’s untimely death is a symptom of WHY we see police officers sometimes jump to shoot first and ask questions later. Never mind the fact that, 99 times out of 100, they get it right. Never mind that, even in that odd case that gets sensationalized on the news, they STILL wind up being justified in their shootings. Even in those once-in-a-blue-moon cases where they get it wrong, it’s not because of any ridiculous systemic racism or whatever else these players think. It’s because it’s a dangerous job and they’re dealing with dangerous people on a daily basis. In that scenario – where sometimes you find yourself in a life and death situation where you have to trust your gut – innocent people are going to sometimes get killed. Until we find a way to make SuperCops who are incapable of error, that’s always going to be the case. And as long as blacks are responsible for the lion’s share of the crime in this country, they are going to be the ones who get shot the most often.

No amount of protest or kneeling is going to change anything. Scratch that – it worsens the divisions of racism in this country, so, if it accomplishes anything, it actually makes the underlying problems worse.

But great job as always, leftists.