Nikki Haley Receives New Presidential Endorsement

( – Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley just received a major endorsement for her campaign in an crucial state for the GOP nomination, and one she’s been heavily involved in touring: New Hampshire.

The Governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu, announced his official endorsement of Haley for president in 2024 to his constituents on Tuesday, December 11, at a town hall in Manchester. Appearing with Haley at the event, Sununu said the occasion represents “an opportunity for New Hampshire to lead” the nation.

The endorsement represents an important victory for the former UN ambassador, who will need to do well in early states in order to stand a chance of dethroning former President Donald Trump as the Republican frontrunner. So far, Trump has dominated the primary polls and remains leagues ahead of the other GOP candidates.

The victory also represents a blow to the other Republican candidates battling with Haley for the opportunity to compete with Trump. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has remained consistently in second place in the polls, while newcomer Vivek Ramaswamy has remained in fourth place, closely behind Haley after she pushed him out of third.

Sununu told the audience at the town hall that New Hampshire is “all in” for the former South Carolina governor, who’s seen a surge in supporters over the last month. Even some prominent Democratic donors have expressed support for Haley, who is getting closer to overtaking DeSantis in the polls.

Fellow GOP candidate Chris Christie downplayed the importance of Sununu’s endorsement of Haley. The former New Jersey governor’s spokesman told The Wall Street Journal that it only puts his campaign “down one vote” in New Hampshire.

A spokesman for the DeSantis campaign also downplayed Sununu’s choice, saying that the “outcome in Iowa” will “significantly” impact “what happens in New Hampshire.” The DeSantis campaign said “the true Trump alternative will emerge” in the Hawkeye State, although that’s exactly what one would expect as Haley gets closer to bumping the Florida governor out of second place.

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