Nine Juveniles Captured By Police After Escaping PA Detention Center

( – Nine teens escaped from Abraxas Academy, a secure treatment facility for boys aged 14-18 with behavioral/emotional problems on Sunday night, September 17th. All of the teens were quickly apprehended by police within 12 hours of their escape. The escapees themselves were aged 15-17, according to CNN.

The boys were able to overpower staff in a coordinated effort and escaped by crawling underneath a fence that surrounds the property. The news of their escape caused local schools in the area to cancel classes on Monday out of an abundance of caution.

Pennsylvania State Police Trooper David Boehm said that their escape was likely planned to some degree, but further stated that it was “poorly planned.” He explained that the first four boys were found at 6 a.m. when they knocked on a local’s door and basically asked to go back to the facility. He said they were cold.

The final five were taken in after a short car chase, one had attempted to flee on foot but was caught shortly thereafter. They were all found within four miles of the facility and within twelve hours of their escape.

The Berks County District Attorney will be filing charges against the boys for a laundry list of offenses including riot, aggravated and simple assault, escape, and theft.

Police mobilized 60 law enforcement officers working in concert with K9 and drone units in the operation to find the teens.

The incident occurred less than 15 miles from where convicted murderer Danilo Cavalcante was captured after escaping from custody. Cavalcante was found after hiding out in the woods for 13 days after his escape from a prison in Chester County on August 31st. While on the lam Calvacante stole a gun, a van, and broke into numerous homes. He also changed his appearance and was fired at by one homeowner.

He was able to evade authorities due to the thickness of the brush and foliage in the woods he was hiding him. After his capture, he told investigators how he didn’t eat for the first three days of his escape and only moved at night. He said their numbers and efforts made it difficult for him to move. Authorities said that was their intention.

Boehm told locals that they knew the routine after being alerted to Calvacante’s escape, but thankfully the youths were caught easily and without incident.

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