Supporters of Donald Trump aren’t sure what to make of the recent slew of polls that show the Republican nominee falling well behind Hillary Clinton. Are these pollsters reporting public opinion, or are they tweaking their algorithms to create it? Are we headed for an epic landslide defeat in November, or is this the last, pathetic gasp of a globalist establishment terrified of true democracy?

Either way, one thing is certain: Trump is doing a fine job of flushing the RINOs out of the Republican Party.

Over the last week, people like Republican donor Meg Whitman, NY Congressman Richard Hanna, and former Bush adviser Sally Bradshaw have said they will support Hillary Clinton over Trump in the election. Whitman, the head of Hewlett-Packard, went even further than that, promising to actively donate to and campaign for Clinton. Have these principled conservatives lost their minds…or were they never really Republican to begin with?

Well, just take a look at their records. Hanna, who is already packing up for retirement, is an outspoken defender of LGBT rights and Planned Parenthood. At a women’s equality event, he advised attendees to donate their money to Democrats, because that party actually fought for their cause. If he’s what passes for a Republican in New York, Ted Cruz’s ill-fated comments start to make a lot of sense.

Bradshaw is one of those Republicans who decided years ago that the party needed to divorce itself from conservative values if it wanted to survive. This idea was on full display in the Jeb Bush campaign, and Republican voters let the former Florida governor know just what they thought about it. Bradshaw’s ideal GOP would support amnesty, “evolve” on issues like gay marriage, and devote resources to combating climate change.

Then there’s Whitman, who is about as conservative as Rachel Maddow. Her brand of California conservatism includes support for drug legalization, abortion, amnesty, and gay marriage.

Not every Republican who opposes Trump is a RINO; there are those who criticize him from the right, and there is merit to some of this criticism. Or at least, there used to be, when the choice wasn’t between Trump and Hillary. And even these guys miss the central truth of his campaign: If we don’t get illegal immigration under control, all the conservative platitudes in the world won’t save our country.

These others, though. They were the whole problem with this party. They were the people who thought that the key to Republican dominance was a sudden, ugly lurch to the left. It is their very brand of liberal “conservatism” that was rejected this year. Their willingness to jump over to Hillary proves that they never had any business in this party to begin with.