The left has decided that President Trump doesn’t deserve credit for the booming economy, but they’ve damn sure made it clear that he, the Republicans in Congress, and the National Rifle Association bear the lion’s share of the blame for every shooting that makes the news. After some psycho at a gaming event in Jacksonville shot and killed two people on Sunday, celebrities and gun activists rushed to their keyboards – not to support the victims of this tragic attack but to once again drum up hate for politicians and organizers who had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting.

Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg was, naturally, leading the online charge in the hours after the shooting. Hogg, whose entire existence is now predicated on seeing how much power he can wield over gullible leftists on Twitter, wrote: “We need everyone to put 100% of their energy into volunteering on congressional campaigns, registering new voters, voting on November 6th. The NRA wants you to waste your energy personally attacking their leaders so u don’t focus on what actually matters. Don’t be fooled.”

Hmm, this is one of the stupider conspiracy theories we’ve seen floated. Hogg is suggesting that Wayne LaPierre, whose name we guarantee is unknown to 99.9% of leftists, including those who consider gun control an important issue, is making himself into some kind of shiny distraction? That…doesn’t make any sense. Hogg is trying desperately to make himself seem smarter than he is. It is not working.

We could get into the fact that the shooter in Jacksonville used a handgun, which nullified the left’s main goal of banning AR-15 type guns or the fact that this shooting took place in a gun-free zone. We could note that literally no feasible, practical form of gun control would have prevented this shooting (as far as we know at the present time). But what would it matter? These idiots already know as much; this is about drumming up donations, virtue signaling, and making themselves look like heroes in a war that isn’t actually taking place.

Hogg, of course, wasn’t alone.

There was Alyssa Milano, who now fancies herself a serious political activist: “It’s happened again in Florida. At least 4 dead. At least 11 injured. Florida’s primary elections are Tuesday. #Vote. Honor these victims by voting for candidates that reject the NRA. Be a hero.”

Dan Savage, taking the high road as usual: “F*ck the treasonous, gun-humping death fetishists at the NRA.”

Melissa Gilbert said: “#fuckthesecondamendment it wasn’t drafted to allow people to mow down innocents. It’s time for some drastic changes. Please go to the polls this November and vote against anyone who’s taken money from the @NRA #ENOUGH.”

Anyway, you get the idea. It’s the same story every time, and for the same cynical purposes. Not a single law passed in Florida or Congress will prevent shootings like this in the future, and these leftists wouldn’t have anything to do with their lives if it did. Savage calling the NRA “death fetishists” is particularly rich, because we’ll be damned if the left doesn’t get a sick thrill out of using every single one of these shootings to demonize people who actually believe in the Constitution.

Say…weren’t these people just complaining a few days ago about conservatives “exploiting” murder for political purposes?

Must have been our imagination.