The National Rifle Association is working overtime to make sure the Second Amendment has a great deal of political support in the U.S. government. According to an Associated Press report, the NRA is “on track for record spending” in this political season, spending big to help Republicans win Senate races in Missouri, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Florida, and Nevada.

From the AP:

The NRA has spent $23.4 million in this election cycle, with a month to go before voting on Nov. 8, compared with a previous high of $27 million in the entire 2014 campaign cycle, according to federal data gathered by the Center for Responsive Politics.

$1.8 million of that has gone to support incumbent Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, who is facing stiff competition from Jason Kander, a war veteran and gun owner. According to the latest polls, Blunt is still ahead – but not by much. He is protecting a 2.5% lead over the Democrat, who carries an “F” rating on gun rights from the NRA. Kander supported the background check legislation Democrats tried to push through Congress this summer.

The NRA’s primary mission, of course, is not to protect any particular Senate seat but to keep the Democrats from gaining a majority in November.

The ultimate doomsday scenario is that not only will Hillary Clinton become president, but she will become a very powerful president, unchecked by Republicans. The NRA has thrown their support behind Donald Trump, but they know that true political power rests on Capitol Hill. Even if Trump wins, the NRA wants to make sure he has a Republican Senate backing him up.

The importance of putting all of this together cannot be overstated.

Every four years, we hear how THIS election means more than the last fifty combined, and we have to be on guard against that “boy who cried wolf” reaction. Because there is one very simple reason to believe that this time, it really is different: Antonin Scalia’s vacant Supreme Court seat.

Hillary Clinton has been very clear about where she stands on the Second Amendment, and she will nominate a Justice who reflects those views. To them, the right to bear arms is – like the rest of the Constitution – subject to endless amounts of interpretation. They are constantly trying to “modernize” it, as though any living lawyer or politician is fit to second guess the genius of the framers.

The NRA recognizes the stakes, but they can only do so much.

It’s up to us, on November 8, to come out in droves and make sure freedom is not lost.