NY Courthouse Evacuated after Arson Attempt

(TotalConservative.com) – A fire broke out in a New York City courthouse, causing a full evacuation of the building hours after the conclusion of testimony for the ongoing civil fraud case against former President Donald Trump.

A man was arrested on Wednesday, Dec. 13, for starting a fire inside a courthouse in New York City that is hosting the civil business fraud case against Trump. Hours before the incident, the court concluded testimony hearings related to the trial.

According to Al Baker, a spokesperson for the New York Supreme Court, the man allegedly set documents on fire inside the building in lower Manhattan and then used a fire extinguisher to put out the blaze, but not before fire alarms were triggered and the building evacuated. Firefighters responded to the fourth-floor alarm and arrived around 4 PM to find a visible haze floating around the stairwell.

No details about the man arrested in connection with the fire have been released, and authorities say the incident is still under investigation. Although some reports claim there were no injuries, other reports claim around 17 people suffered minor injuries during the panic of the evacuation. The Supreme Court building is a well-known landmark in the Big Apple, and has appeared in many television shows and movies, including the iconic show “Law & Order.”

Just hours before the evacuation, testimony for the Trump trial concluded on the third floor, which has been ongoing for the last three months. Presiding over the trial is Judge Arthur Engoron, who was one of those evacuated during the incident, according to reports. Trump wasn’t present in the courthouse.

The case revolves around charges against the former president and two of his sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, alleging that the Trump family misreported the values of certain properties in order to defraud banks and insurance companies for loans. Critics of the case argue no crime took place, especially because Trump and his sons paid back all of the loans in question.

Closing arguments in the civil fraud trial are scheduled for next month.

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