NY GOP Wants Hochul to Remove DA

(TotalConservative.com) – New York Republicans have had it with District Attorney Alvin Bragg letting criminals go without charge while prosecuting his political enemies like Donald Trump.

State Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt along with 19 additional state senators wrote a letter demanding Gov. Kathy Hochul remove Bragg due to his “unconscionable handling” of a recent debacle wherein Bragg let multiple suspects go without charges after they were caught on video attacking uniformed police officers with the NYPD.

They said Bragg’s handling of the release of the suspects, all of whom are in the country illegally and likely receiving free government accommodations and other handouts, was “the final straw.” The letter also argued that Bragg places New Yorkers at risk for his own political agenda.

Bragg’s office defended their initiatives, claiming they’re working with the police to positively identify suspects and develop cases against them. They suggested lawmakers were responsible somewhat and encouraged the development of “mental health initiatives” or strengthening hate crime laws. The office did not address claims that they were freeing criminal illegals and allowing them to escape justice.

The letter highlighted the recent release of multiple illegals who were accused of participating in the assault of police which was caught on video saying that there was no argument for any of them to be released immediately. They said that the suspects were smiling and making vulgar gestures at the media upon their release from jail, betraying their incompatibility with civilized society.

The letter also slammed Bragg for selective prosecution and said Bragg has no interest in helping victims of violent crime. It also suggested Bragg’s “incredibly poor judgment” was only equaled by his “unwillingness” to prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

The letter demands Hochul relieve Bragg from his position and appoints someone who would actually enforce the laws and prosecute criminals. They said the DA needs to project the message that lawlessness isn’t going to be tolerated in NYC.

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