NY Gov Hochul To Use Colleges As Migrant Shelters

(TotalConservative.com) – The city of New York is desperate to find a solution to its migrant crisis, with hundreds or thousands showing up over the days and weeks, the city is unable to offer housing to everyone. The problem has gotten so bad that Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) has asked the courts to look at the city’s “Right To Shelter Law” which mandates housing for those that are in need. They’re also considering the use of college campuses as one option for housing migrants.

NYC is currently home to over 41,000 migrants according to the latest data from city officials. Hotels across the five-boroughs have been tapped to serve as temporary housing, but there aren’t enough rooms to go around and the overflow is being housed in what they’re calling “respite centers” which are large group housing where individuals receive little more than a cot to sleep on and are intended to be temporary, but with the shortage and more migrants showing up every day, many of them have been there for some time.

During a press conference last week, Hochul mentioned the potential use of SUNY campuses as a potential “state asset” that could be tapped to serve as additional ‘emergency’ housing for migrants.

A few short weeks ago the city tapped high school gyms in the five boroughs to ‘temporarily’ shelter the migrants. That plan received popular backlash from members of the community who felt a tinge of anxiety about adult men being housed so close to where vulnerable minors were being educated.

Mayor Eric Adams is planning to deploy a cost-tracker to keep tabs on housing and other expenses the city and state are spending on addressing the non-stop arrivals. Current estimates suggest the city has already spent $1 billion housing, feeding, clothing, and providing mental and health care resources to the illegal alien, resources that could have been spent on the cities already existent homeless. The mayor’s office suggested that they could end up spending $4.3 billion over the next year or two if something isn’t done to address the problem.

Expect a work authorization proposal to come soon, as the Democrats aren’t satisfied with just spending billions on encouraging migrants to come to the states, they’re going to want to put them to work as soon as possible and Hochul has already stated that the 6 month wait-period before migrants can legally work is something the Biden administration needs to address.

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