New York Times so-called conservative David Brooks has a long history of being wrong about things, so it won’t particularly blemish his record if he turns out to be wrong this time. Nonetheless, it might be worth making a list of all the political pundits who are beginning to demonstrate the exact same sort of certainty about Trump’s defeat in 2020 that they expressed in 2016. We’re not sure how many times these fools have to learn the same lesson, but we’re pretty sure they’re going to have to learn it at least once more.

Appearing on NPR’s All Things Considered on Friday, Brooks said he couldn’t understand why any of his Democrat buddies were even slightly worried about Trump winning reelection.

“David, do you agree with that, that if election security, election integrity are preserved, that we would see Donald Trump out of the office of the presidency?” asked the NPR host.

“I think that’ll happen either way,” Brooks said. “You know, I keep having Democratic politicians come up to me say secretly, you know, I think Trump is going to win this. I think they’re crazy. I mean, since 2016, since Trump was elected, there have been 300 elections around the country – governorships, House races. Republicans have done terribly in pretty much all them. They’ve lost 10 governorships. They’ve lost their House majority. They’re just — the voters want to move on. There’s going to be a fundamental restructuring of the Republican Party. And that’ll be the big story of 2020.”

Imagine being a political pundit for as many years as Brooks has plied his trade and still thinking that midterm and local elections say a damn thing about what’s going to happen in a presidential election! Instead of looking at polls, Trump’s enduring mega-popularity with his base, and the sorry slate of Democratic candidates, Brooks is instead relying on his personal bubble to determine who will win the election in 2020. HE doesn’t know anyone who would ever vote for Donald Trump, and so he can’t imagine that Trump will win.

Oh man, the tears that flow next November are going to be tasty, indeed.