NYC Activists Dragged Out Migrant Hotel Protest With Lies And Threats

( – The NYC migrant crisis is getting help from local activists who have appropriated the migrants’ cause in order to bolster their own. The activists include a Californian “community organizer,” an anti-cop representative of the “rebel alliance,” and a New York writer who was fired from Yelp after her open letter complaining about low pay went viral in 2016.

During the first week of February 2023, a hotel in Midtown Manhattan that was housing single male migrants from the southern border was repurposed by city officials in order to house families with children and single women. Most of the men voluntarily relocated to a facility in Brooklyn where they had less privacy, but would still receive all the benefits they were getting at the hotel including 3 meals a day, clothing, medical, and logistical services. A few dozen holdouts camped out on the sidewalk Sunday night and were quickly encouraged by activists to continue their protest. Half that number remained when they were finally cleared by police Wednesday night.

The activists lied to the migrants, making wild claims. One local resident reported being told directly by an activist that they were sending the migrants to a death camp. City Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Manuel Castro reiterated the report saying, “They are telling them that we are establishing detention centers, which is incorrect.”

The New York Post reported finding anti-cop pamphlets at the site, a project of “CrimethInc” which describes itself on its website as “a decentralized network” organizing anonymous action.

Caroline Wong was one of the activists who spoke with the New York Post. She claimed they were attempting to get more activists to drive or fly into the city to support the pop-up sidewalk occupation. Talia Jane is a Brooklynite who was fired from Yelp in 2016 for her open letter complaining about low pay while living in San Francisco who was also on the ground. Sergio Tupac Uzurin is a videographer who believes luxury apartments should be appropriated for housing migrants. More detailed bios are available here.

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