NYC Loosens Laws Guaranteeing Shelter for Migrants as Title 42 Comes to an End

( – A new executive order was signed by NYC Mayor Eric Adams on Wednesday which will loosen laws that guarantee shelter to the homeless as well as migrants as Title 42 comes to an end.

The mayor said the decision was not “taken lightly,” and that the city will make “every effort” to find a place for asylum seekers to stay “as quickly as possible.”

The city will no longer guarantee families with children will have a place to sleep by 4 AM if they arrive at an intake facility by 10 PM, as shelters are at full capacity.

Thousands of migrants will continue to be sent out of Texas by bus across the nation, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbot says this policy must continue to lighten the burden on towns along the southern border and force leaders in big cities to confront the reality of the crisis. Philadelphia just received its first busload of migrants in months, just before Title 42 ended.

Adams continues to call Abbot out for these actions and even accused the Texas governor of specifically targeting cities run by “Black mayors,” although later insisted that making this observation was not him accusing Abbot of racism. Adams has also continued to criticize the federal government for not helping NYC with the migrant crisis and accused President Joe Biden of abandoning the city.

The new executive order on housing and sheltering migrants is the first sign of NYC pulling back a bit on guaranteed assistance to asylum seekers, which is putting stress on the city’s resources as over 60,000 have entered the Big Apple over the last year.

Yet other options to house migrants are also being considered, such as closing down certain streets and placing foldable homes or shipping containers onto them to temporarily shelter some of them.

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