NYC Mayor Eric Adams Joins Biden’s Reelection Team, Says It Won’t Affect His Handling of Migrant Crisis

( – President Joe Biden is allegedly planning his reelection campaign, and New York City Mayor Eric Adams confirmed on Tuesday that he’s joining the effort as a member of a national advisory board. Adams insisted that his involvement in Biden’s campaign will not affect the way he’s handling the city’s migrant crisis or stop him from pushing for federal assistance.

Since the Spring of 2022, nearly 50,000 migrants have inundated the Big Apple, putting a strain on the city’s resources and will cost the city an estimated $4.2 billion.

Adams stated that he thinks “the president sees something in what I’m doing in New York” by inviting him to join Biden’s panel and that he’s “happy to do it” and “looking forward to it.”

While speaking at a City Hall news conference, the NYC Mayor insisted that he will “speak on behalf of the people of this city, no matter what panel I’m on.” Adams said this in response to a question from a New York Post reporter about whether or not his position on Biden’s campaign team would prevent him from continuing to push for emergency funding to help deal with the city’s migrant crisis, or stop him from criticizing the president’s border policies leading to the problem, to which Adams replied “no.”

On Tuesday, Adams also launched his blueprint (“The Road Forward”) for dealing with the crisis, including the resettlement of migrants outside of NYC and job training. He said the federal government needs “a designated leader to resolve the national border crisis and coordinate all relevant agencies and entities, including those in localities where migrants settle,” a job critics have noted is already the responsibility of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Overall, Adams likes Biden’s policies and thinks “he’s good for the country,” but that “doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with him 100% on everything.”

Adams said NYC is still “in the early stages of being able to assist asylum seekers in relocating to their preferred city of choice,” and made it clear that the city is not “equipped to meet the complex needs” of the migrants “given their current rapid rate of arrival.”

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