NYC Mayor Eric Adams Responds to Question Calling Out Biden on Migrant Crisis

( – Mayor Eric Adams criticized President Joe Biden once again regarding the migrant crisis in New York City in response to a question on Tuesday morning.

Adams appeared on the show “Good Day New York” and was asked, “Where the heck is [Biden]?” by the host. Adams responded by saying it was a “good question” that everyone should be asking, following up with his own question about why “this is happening to a city that was turning itself around.”

Adams said that the migrant surge putting a strain on cities across the country “should not be happening” in “big northern cities” or even in border towns in Texas. He said that none of these places “should be carrying [Biden’s] burden,” describing the migrant crisis as “a national problem” requiring a “national solution.”

A few days before making these comments, Adams was apparently removed from the roster of the president’s National Advisory Board, a position he was promised in March, indicating he’s no longer in the good graces of Biden. Adams has been consistently criticizing Biden and his administration for how the migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border is being handled and also accused the White House last month of abandoning NYC to deal with the situation alone.

The NYC mayor said he doesn’t have a problem with the migrants themselves, but how the situation is being handled, which he blamed on “the irresponsibility” of Republicans in D.C. “for refusing to do real immigration reform” as well as the White House for refusing to address the problem.

He isn’t the only Democrat in New York raising concerns about the toll being taken on the city by the crisis. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul also spoke out during a television interview on Monday, stating that the state of New York and its largest city are “bursting at the seams” trying to shelter the migrants and provide social services.

With shelters at capacity, Adams is now using public school gymnasiums to temporarily house migrants, receiving some backlash from parents who are upset about this decision.

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