NYC Mayor Plans to Kick Migrants Out of Shelters

( – Democrat Mayor Eric Adams announced there is no more room for migrants in New York City during a press conference on Wednesday, July 19th. The city is issuing a 60-day notice to single male migrants currently residing in shelters provided by the city that they will have to find alternative accommodations to make room for migrant families with children.

In a press release discussing the plan, the city claimed it has seen over 90,000 migrants pass through with over 54,000 still being housed, fed, clothed, educated, and offered medical care by the city. Citing a lack of state and federal assistance with the migrants, the city is officially unable to take more people. The press release also claimed 300-500 migrants are continuing to arrive each day, straining services.

Migrants who cannot find alternative housing in the 60 days will have to reapply for shelter with the city.

Adams was quoted at the press conference as saying that the situation is “not sustainable.” He also claimed New York City was bearing the weight of a national problem without specifically referencing his party’s preference for lax border security. The city’s status as a sanctuary city has drawn millions of illegal immigrants.

The cost of supporting illegal immigrants in the city is in the billions, with taxpayers paying the brunt with little help from NGOs and other nonprofit organizations. The city is also funding a flyer distribution program at the southern border to attempt to discourage migrants from heading to NYC.

The flyer warns that housing is not guaranteed and that the cost of things like food, transportation, and shelter in the city is high. The flyer asks migrants to “please consider another city” as they relocate to the US in record numbers.

The city currently operates 13 large shelters for migrants and supports an additional 185 emergency shelters. Earlier in January an attempt to relocate single male migrants from the Watson Hotel in midtown resulted in a protest that went on for days before the police forcibly removed the sidewalk squatters.

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