NYC Mayor Says Residents Should Open Homes To Migrants

( – The Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, seems to be running out of ideas to deal with the migrant crisis, and running out of space in the Big Apple. His latest proposal is the suggestion that the city government pays residents to allow border crossers, many of whom are illegal aliens, to stay in their homes.

Over 72,000 migrants have entered the city over the last year, and around 37,000 remain in the temporary accommodations provided by the city on the taxpayer’s dollar in homeless shelters, hotel rooms, and even a former jail.

Adams announced on Monday that about 1,000 migrants are to be housed by the city in churches and religious shelters, after which he suggested that the city should pay residents to house some of them in their homes. After taking the next step to use “faith-based locales,” Adams said he hopes to “move to private residences.”

The mayor said that residents are suffering “because of economic challenges” and many have “spare rooms” and “locales” available. He would like to see some of the $4.2 billion of the city budget put “back into the pockets of everyday New Yorkers” and “houses of worship” rather than corporations.

Adams called the situation unsustainable, stating that it is now costing the city roughly $5 million a day to house, feed, and provide social services for the new arrivals. Rather than suggesting to stop the influx, the mayor reiterated that the federal government must move faster to provide work permits for the migrants so they can begin to provide for themselves.

According to Adams, what the city needs to deal with the situation is “a decompression strategy” and “real immigration reform.” Meanwhile, border crossers continue to arrive in the city every day and there’s no sign of the influx slowing down.

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