NYC Plans for Potential Tent City — Near Riker’s Island

( – New York City’s latest attempt to contend with the migrant crisis impacting the Big Apple over the last 15 months will be a tent city to house the newcomers on Randall’s Island.

Prior to this latest proposal, an idea was floated to set up a new “Hooverville” inside the famous Central Park in Manhattan as well as Prospect Park in Brooklyn, but residents have pushed back on the idea.

According to Mayor Eric Adams, “there’s no more room” in New York City, which is being pushed to the brink as nearly 60,000 migrants remain in its care and about 100,000 have passed through over the last year. Adams complained that “as the number of asylum seekers… continues to grow by hundreds” daily, the system is being stretched “to its breaking point and beyond.” He said to “find enough beds every night” for the migrants is now a “Herculean effort.”

Despite these complaints, many Republicans don’t want to hear it and believe Adams and other mayors and governors have brought this situation upon themselves by supporting President Joe Biden and declaring their cities and states as “sanctuaries.”

One Texas lawmaker recently slammed the federal government for sending funds to these places over border states who are dealing with the worst of the migrant crisis. He said the fact that nearly $105 million in federal aid “went to New York City… is wrong because they are not a border state” and aren’t “facing the kind of pressure” as border states like Texas and Arizona.

It’s becoming more and more expensive to host border-crossers in hotels, which are filled, and homeless shelters (also at capacity). The city has resorted to everything from converting a cruise ship terminal to an old police academy and even a psychiatric hospital parking lot.

The newly proposed tent city on the East River will only host around 2,000 migrants and more continue to pour in. Adams is now calling on the federal government to declare the crisis a national emergency.

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