If President Obama’s underlings don’t watch themselves, they are going to wind up in the slammer, charged with contempt of court. Federal Judge Andrew Hanen – the judge presiding over a multi-state lawsuit against the administration regarding Obama’s amnesty program – has just about had it with the defiance of the federal government.

The problems began back in April. Two months after Judge Hanen issued an injunction blocking the president’s amnesty from going into effect, the court found that the administration had already put the wheels in motion. On June 7th, Hanen ordered several top administration officials to appear in court to explain why he should not hold them in contempt. He offered lawyers for the government a chance to avoid that hearing; if they could file a report by the end of July demonstrating compliance with the injunction, he would cancel the contempt of court hearing.

When working on that report, though, the Obama administration discovered that they had violated the judge’s orders in ways that had not yet been revealed. A government contractor sent out 500 cards extending work authorizations for illegals covered by the amnesty plan. Now they are rushing to get those cards back while vowing to the court that they are doing everything possible to stay out of hot water.

Of course, it’s hard to be surprised. If Obama didn’t let the Constitution stand in his way, why would he respect a federal injunction? He doesn’t believe in the law; he believes in his own liberal agenda. His amnesty plan sets the stage for Democratic dominance. He’s not about to let one judge down in Texas ruin this for him.

The plan from the beginning was to roll this out so quickly that Republicans wouldn’t even have a chance to marshal the opposition. To have it so entrenched that it would be politically impossible to roll it back without creating chaos. He didn’t count on Texas and 25 other states filing a federal lawsuit, however, and now his plans have been spoiled.

Thankfully, this case appears to have found a judge who is not intimidated at all by the White House. And Judge Hanen sees quite clearly that Obama’s proclamation went well beyond anything that could be termed prosecutorial discretion. The president single-handedly changed the law, violating his oath of office in the process. Whether you believe in amnesty or not, it’s not up to the president to make the law up as he goes along. Obama and his officials owe it to the American people to uphold and enforce the law as it’s written. What’s crazy is that this is even controversial!