This is going to come as a shock for many readers, but it looks like the Obama administration lied. Once you’ve recovered, turn your attention to a “Defendants’ Advisory” filed by the Justice Department on Tuesday. As you probably know, Judge Andrew Hanen ordered that any and all implementation of President Obama’s executive order on illegal immigration was to cease until the culmination of the suit. The DOJ wanted to let Judge Hanen know that they were in compliance with that order, but…

Out of an abundance of caution, Defendants wish to bring one issue to the Court’s attention. Specifically, between November 24, 2014 and the issuance of the Court’s Order, USCIS granted three-year periods of deferred action to approximately 100,000 individuals who had requested deferred action under the original 2012 DACA guidelines (and were otherwise determined to warrant such relief), including the issuance of three-year Employment Authorization Documents for those 2012 DACA recipients who were eligible for renewal.

No big deal, right? Obama gave his order, and his agencies went about putting it into action. The administration couldn’t be expected to wait until any and all potential challenges to the order had been heard and settled before getting down to business.

That might be a plausible argument, except for one teeny-tiny little problem. Namely, the Obama administration laid out a very specific timeline for the implementation of the president’s policies. In fact, Judge Hanen’s ruling was tied to that timeline. He didn’t order a block on February 16th by circumstance; he issued that block because he knew that the first stage of the rollout was set to commence on February 18th. White House officials made this clear in November. Changes to the DACA Act would go into effect on the 18th and changes to DAPA would go into effect six months later.

So why is the DOJ now coming to the judge, head down, shifting from foot to foot, and admitting that they’ve already begun implementing the plans? Why do they say in the brief that this timeline “may have led to confusion about when USCIS had begun providing three-year terms of deferred action to individuals already eligible for deferred action under 2012 DACA.” Why have they already granted deferred deportations to 100,000 illegals?

There’s no confusion. This isn’t a misunderstanding. This was another deliberate, successful attempt by the Obama administration to pull a fast one on the American people. It is Obamacare, Part II. Obama’s M.O. has become transparently obvious. Lie, get what you want, and then use the results as your defense. It’s the old, “Do it now, ask for forgiveness later” routine, except Obama isn’t the type to ever admit that he was wrong.

In January of 2017, Barack Obama will walk out of the White House for the final time. If there was any justice in this world, though, he would be escorted out in handcuffs.