Hillary Clinton’s disillusioned supporters have been crying “Russia, Russia, Russia” for months, and now they’ve decided to make it their defining mantra. With the CIA having supposedly told Congress that Russian hacks were done with the intention to elect Donald Trump president, the left has found the ultimate tool of delegitimization. They couldn’t bring Trump down with the “alt right” nonsense, they couldn’t bring him down with the phony sexual assault claims. Now they’re going to try to bring him down with what amounts to a charge of treason.

So okay, let’s humor them for a moment, because it’s abundantly obvious that they are going to use this excuse for the next four years (at least.) Let’s say that Russia deliberately manipulated the voting public with hacks and propaganda, fake news, or whatever else it is that Democrats are claiming. What then? What do we do about it?

If you ask the left, they have a number of awful fixes, including an attempt to overthrow the results of the election and give the victory to Hillary. Beyond that, it will only be a matter of time before they’re calling for Trump’s impeachment. The Democratic Party has a goal, and it doesn’t have anything to do with 2020. They want Trump gone, and they are going to make his exit their number one goal until they succeed.

In other words, the Russia thing is just the flavor of the month. If they can keep it going, they will. If it stops producing fruit, they’ll go back to the conflict of interest stuff. If they can’t gain any traction there, they’ll look at Trump’s Cabinet appointments and find their objections manifested in the administration. One way or another, they’re going to oppose this president at every turn.

But let’s say they have something with the Russian conspiracy. How is it that Putin grew so bold and so powerful that he could pull off one of the greatest coups in the history of the world? Think about it. If Russia really did “Manchurian” Trump all the way to the White House, it’s the story of the century! You can almost see what Democrats are talking about when they call it a “political 9/11.” If Putin did what they claim, they aren’t far off.

But it’s only through years of Obama’s junk-bin foreign policy that Putin grew this emboldened in the first place. The Democrats have been denying the Russian threat for years. If Putin was able to pull off this intercontinental hoax, he pulled it off right under Obama’s nose. Is he ready to admit this colossal failing to the public?


Then maybe stop pushing this nonsense story.