It wasn’t enough to merely relax deportation laws. It wasn’t enough to provide Social Security numbers and work permits for illegal aliens. Now President Obama is offering free transportation to Central Americans who need help reaching the border. Citing the dangerous journey that so-called “unaccompanied minors” have to take to find a better life in the States, the Obama administration has unveiled a new initiative meant to make that journey a little easier.

Under that new initiative, the administration has done away with the official Unaccompanied Alien Children moniker, because of course that could be considered offensive to our new friends from the south. They’ll now be called Central American Minors, and many of them will be eligible for the new program, a joint venture involving the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department.

The program gives “certain children in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras” a safe, free flight into the United States, according to a Homeland Security memo obtained by Judicial Watch. The program has extended applications to parents living in the United States who hope to bring their offspring across the border. These minors will then be given refugee status, a designation that comes with all manner of perks including free schooling, food stamps, free medical care, and paid living expenses.

God bless America!

Even as Obama’s 2014 executive actions are being frozen until a multi-state lawsuit against the administration has been decided, he is thwarting the nation’s immigration laws with all the impunity of a dictator. We don’t have the resources to round up the 11 million illegals currently living here, but there is no end to the resources we have to bring in “refugees” from Central America.

One might have more respect for the president if he would simply be honest about his beliefs. Stop hiding behind weasel words, and just come out and say it. Say that you’re in favor of open borders. Say that your real idea of immigration reform is to tear down the fences, disband the Border Patrol, and give free housing, welfare, and voter registration forms to every immigrant who cares to take you up on the offer. At least then Americans would know where they stood. At least then we could see that you don’t give a damn about the very people who put you in office.

But no, that would take integrity, a trait not to be found in Washington D.C., much less the White House.